Does Sun Damage Your Eyes

Prevent Sun Damage To The Eyes While Gardening!

Does Sun Damage Your Eyes?

YES!  It certainly does cause damage to your eyes.  It is important to understand the potential long-term effects of the sun’s rays on your eyes.  Of all the gardening tips available, I believe that eye safety tips are of the utmost importance.  It is important to protect yourself, while also being mindful of our environment.  Certain factors increase the danger of the sun’s UV rays to your eyes.

  • Geographic location. UV levels are greater in tropical areas near the earth’s equator. The farther you are from the equator, the smaller your risk.
  • Altitude. UV levels are greater at higher altitudes.
  • Time of day. UV and HEV levels are greater when the sun is high in the sky, typically from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Setting. UV and HEV levels are greater in wide open spaces, especially when highly reflective surfaces are present, like snow and sand.
    In fact, UV exposure can nearly double when UV rays are reflected from the snow. UV exposure is less likely in urban settings, where tall buildings shade the streets.
  • Medications. Certain medications, such as tetracycline, sulfa drugs, birth control pills, diuretics and tranquilizers, can increase your body’s sensitivity to UV and HEV radiation

Understanding UV light.

There are three main types of UV light that you are exposed to from sunlight.  They are UVA, UVB and UVC.  Dangers of Sunlight

This chart give a very basic reference to the 3 types of UV light that our sun emits.  for more detail, please visit the source of this information at University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

In addition to skin damage, UV radiation is harmful to your eyes.  Many people forget about sun damage to the eyes and focus mainly on the damage caused to their skin.  It is vry important to protect your eyes while gardening, driving or leisure activities outdoors.



Eye Damage Related to UV Sunlight

Your eyes can suffer from sunburn, just like your skin.  This is referred to as photokeratitis.  UV light is also linked to macular degeneration and cataracts.  You can prevent or slow down the progression of the damage to your eyes by using proper eye protection.

Dangers while Gardening

Many people wear eye protection while driving or working, but forget about protecting their eyes while gardening and relaxing in the sunshine.  If you are exposed to the sunlight for even a short while, the damage can begin.  It is very important to find the right eye-wear for you.  It is possible to get stylish and functional eye-wear while also mitigating the effects of the over 8 Million Metric Tons of plastic that ends up the world’s oceans every year.


Stylish and Eco-Friendly Eye Protection IS Available!

In my search to find the right eye protection for my gardening ventures, I have come across a few EXCELLENT options for eye-wear made of sustainable materials.  Some of my favorites are:

Norton Point Sunglasses – Martha’s Vineyard-based sustainable sunglasses manufacturer.  They make their sunglasses out of recovered ocean plastics.


Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses – This is by far, the most interesting and stylish options.  Bamboo is extremely sustainable and uses less water and grows much more quickly than traditional wood.  It also floats, so it is the perfect eye protection for water sports also!

Wise Owl Eco Goods – We use high-quality, renewable materials in our products. Plastic is one of the biggest threats to our environment, especially the oceans; and at Wise Owl, we aim to provide non-plastic alternatives to everyday items.





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14 thoughts on “Prevent Sun Damage To The Eyes While Gardening!”

  1. Wow…never actually thought of it – you are right, we don’t usually think of protecting our eyes when gardening and actually it is the same as being out on the beach, in the car or just walking in the park, we expose our eyes constantly to UV light!
    I am glad I found your article, and I love the idea of eco-friendly sunglasses – really? they make bamboo sunglasses nowadays? Wow…that is wonderful!
    Love your site BTW lovely and clean design.
    All the best – Orion

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I always wear my Rx sunglasses when driving, but recently, due to deer season, I started to wear a hunters hat when walking my dog near the edge of our woods. It provides good coverage for my eyes and keeps my glasses dry in the rain. Plus, my dog can’t see my eyes with the sunglasses on. I have been wearing the hat at all times when in the yard. have to protect the head from the UV also. Even though I feel my eyes are in the shade, I know they are not protected from UV rays. As soon as it stops raining and I get back into the garden, I will wear my sunglasses. I will also try to wear them when walking the dog. Thanks

  3. I agree with you that people don’t realize how much sun damage their eyes can suffer. I like your chart of the UV types and the descriptions.
    I will have to see, in the near future, when I get new glasses, if there are any options for bamboo frames!

  4. Interesting article thank you. Great information with Summer coming up soon protecting your eyes will be paramount to the activities we all are involved in. Thank you for bringing this up too. I know I can’t drive without my sunglasses very instrumental.

  5. Hi Kristen,
    Wow, I was just reading an article the other day about the amount of plastic that is in the oceans and that they make sunglasses out of recycled plastic. It’s amazing how many people don’t wear eye protection while there out in the sun, now myself, if the sun is out the glasses go on!

  6. Great advice. I have RX sunglasses with special lenses due to eye sensitivities. I garden a lot. I would like to tell you I remember my glasses everytime I go out but that would be untrue. I usually only remember them when going in the car. This is a good reminder of how very important it is. I protect my skin out there in the UV I should be protecting my eyes.

    1. YES! Many of us forget to consider our eyes as we excitedly run out the door to check our daily bounty in the garden! Glad you found the reminder helpful to you!!

  7. I sure agree that we should take care of our eyes. I use the transitional lenses in my glasses, and UV blocker glasses for long stints on the computer.
    I love those bamboo frames! I hope they catch on and become available in all eye glass centers!

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