Need Dinner Ideas for Tonight?

Do you want dinner ideas for tonight?

Yeah, there’s an app for that!  You will not believe what the Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App can do for you!  If you enter the main ingredients that you have in your pantry, it will give you a recipe that you can make with those ingredients.  It is the most amazing, high tech kitchen gadget out there.

What Can Perfect Bake Pro Do for YOU?

Well, one of my common problems was something that my daughters did to me when they lived at home.  I would get all the ingredients needed for a specific recipe, like chocolate chip cookies.  The next day, when I was ready to make them. . .  only about half the bag was left.  Now what, you ask!  Well, put those chips on your smart scale and it will tailor all the other ingredients to that exact amount of chocolate chips!  YEP!  All the guesswork removed.  How cool is that?

Reduce Waste like a Pro!

Have some vegetables that you need to use because they are getting close to the end of their usable life?  Yes, you can use your Dinner Ideas for TonightPerfect Bake Pro for that too.  Enter what it is, put it on the scale and read your dinner ideas for tonight!  Recipes at your fingertips!

Many Time-Saving Features!

  • Forget measuring—Just place a bowl on the scale and pour
  • Virtual bowl on screen fills up as you pour, telling you when to stop
  • Auto-scales recipes for the number of servings and different cake pan sizes and shapes
  • Have only half a bag of chocolate chips? Perfect Bake will auto-scale for that too
  • Tell the Pantry to feature the ingredients you have on-hand, and it tells you the recipes you can make
  • Generate a Shopping List of ingredients you are missing from the recipes you want to make
  • Choose from 300+ chef-tested recipes or add your own
  • Easily download new recipe packs
  • The most accurate kitchen scale on the market – measures from 6 kg down to 0.1 grams – and even has a built-in timer

Bake by weight like the pros

Smart Kitchen ScaleMaster pastry chefs weigh their ingredients for the most accurate measurement—the key to consistent results. With Perfect Bake PRO, just pour directly into the bowls for an experience that’s three times faster than conventional baking. And no measuring cups means a much faster cleanup.

If you want to simplify your life and always have dinner ideas at your fingertips, then you need to get the Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App NOW!

It is pretty, functional and easy to clean!


17 thoughts on “Need Dinner Ideas for Tonight?”

  1. This sounds amazing! I had never heard of this prior to reaching your article. I, too, find myself short on ingredients all of the time due to kiddos grabbing handfuls of random things in the kitchen. This is definitely something that I will have to try out! ((: Thanks for sharing.

    1. YES! Another great thing that this can do is prepare your recipe for an exact number of goodies. If you need cupcakes for your child’s class of 31, you can make exactly that many cupcakes! No more guessing on how many you will have or coming up 1 short!

  2. Very cool information. Your article was very interesting good to know about these things. This seems to be a great tool for our busy lifestyles. When I can afford it perhaps I will keep this on my perhaps list. Thank you.

  3. Kristen,

    Wow, what a neat app and scale. It is just me and my husband in my household, so we tend to waste a lot of food. This is a great idea to use the food you already have in your pantry. It never ceases to amaze me, all the handy gadgets and apps that are available. Thanks for the post with the useful information.


    1. The uses of cutting-edge technology is amazing to me also! This really does revolutionize the modern kitchen! I am glad you found this post useful!


  4. Well, this is a cool thing, I always have leftover ingredients in the pantry and never know what to do with them. This sounds great, no more coming up with new dinner ideas.
    Glad I decided to check this out!

    1. Yes, it really is a cool tool that uses cutting-edge technology that simplifies dinner ideas! I am glad you found it helpful!


  5. Alright finally something that everybody needs. No more looking for measuring cups just pour it in I like that ideal. This sounds like a great product, because if your like me I can never figure out what I want to make.

    1. I know, right? This really helps take the guesswork out of what to make for dinner tonight! If you want fish and have some filets in the freezer, just type in “fish” and voila! Recipe ideas at your fingertips!


  6. product. I think I really need it. it gives you ideas and you can use everything you have in your house without wasting ingredients. Great idea:) The way is out life going, everybody is very busy…no time for shopping, cooking…This tool helps you in every day’s dinner solution.
    Thanks for sharing, it was a really helpful article and I will give it a try.
    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you Cristina and I totally agree that this is an everyday solution to the most common kitchen problems! Please let us know if you try it and how you like it!


  7. I will admit, when it comes to measuring and sorting out ingredients for cooking I am a waste of time.

    This is something that will really help me in the kitchen. It is amazing where technology is going these days.

    I have never seen this before, but it has my attention and will really solve my problems in the kitchen.

    Thanks, great review.


  8. Thank is a great idea to help reduce waste. It is nice that it can recalculate the ingredients that you need automatically. This is a real time saver. Thanks for sharing.

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