Juicing Vs Smoothie

Juicing vs. Smoothie – Which Is Right For You?

First, Let me point out the main difference between juicing and making a smoothie.  If you want juice, then you will need a good quality juicer that will separate the liquid content of your fruit or vegetables from the fiber.  If you want all the fiber and nutrition, then you will need a good quality blender, such as the Ninja.

Pros of Juicing

Juicing extracts the liquid and nutrients, leaving behind the fiber and pulp of the food that you are using.  This can be very beneficial if you have a sensitive stomach or need to avoid fiber for health reasons.  The juice that you are left with is very easy to digest and will enter your bloodstream quickljuicing citrus fruity, thus giving you a quick “shot” of nutrients.  If you choose your ingredients wisely, this can be very helpful when you need a quick pick-me-up during the day or a jumpstart in the morning.  Click HERE for the best juicer (research done for you!

Cons of Juicing

juicing separates fiberWhen you juice your food, you leave behind some valuable fiber and additional nutrition that is only within the skin and pulp of your food.  The fiber is what will help you to feel full and avoid being hungry again soon.  With separating the juice from the fiber, you also create an unstable food, meaning the nutrients are free-floating and can be lost quickly to light and air.  Because of this, it is recommended that you should consume the juice within 15 minutes in order to get maximum nutrition.

Pros of Blending (Smoothies)

Blending your food is the process in which you make smoothies.  When you use a blender, you maintain ALL the nutritional value of the food, blending fruits and vegetablesincluding the skin and pulp.  This means that you are also ingesting the fiber, as well as the juice.  The act of blending breaks down the fiber and makes it more easily digested while still giving you the full benefit of the fiber.  Many people find that blending is also easier.  There is no waste to worry about discarding when you are done.  It is also more stable than juicing, meaning you do not lose valuable nutrients to air and light as quickly, so you can slowly sip at your drink.  Another big Pro to blending, in my opinion, is that a blender has multiple uses, like our banana pancakes, whereas a juicer is a one job appliance.

Cons of Blending

If you have a very sensitive system and need to avoid high fiber, there is no separation of the juice from the fiber when blending.  Blending can also be deceptive if you are counting calories.  Although they contain valuable nutrition, you may add too many calories without realizing it.  Have you ever seen one banana come out of a blender?  It is not much of a meal!  You need to add multiple foods and those calories can add up quickly.

Juicing Vs SmoothieConclusion

Whether you prefer the sweetness of juicing or the whole nutrition of blending, they both have their positive applications.  It is best to use both in moderation, along with a well-balanced diet for optimal health.  If you are considering juicing or blending, here is another nice resource to check out, BUT, also remember to talk to your doctor about it.  They can also help you decide which is best for your body and health.


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2 thoughts on “Juicing vs. Smoothie – Which Is Right For You?”

  1. Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for this very informative and helpful Post! I wasn’t sure about the difference between juicing vs smoothie, your article has helped me to have it clear.
    Every morning I have my green smoothie (spinach, kale, ginger and orange juice) It is so refreshing and it gives me the energy that I need to keep on going through the rest of the day !
    By the way, I use the Ninja that you mention here, it is the best electrical appliance that we have in the kitchen 🙂
    Your website is great, I will visit you frequently!

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