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Indoor Hydroponic Garden System

I recently received an Indoor Hydroponic Garden System and I love it, so I want to share some things with you about it.

Setting Up Your New Garden

Setting up the Aerogarden is a breeze.  It is a very simple Indoor Hydroponic Garden System.  When you open the box, you will find the Hydroponic system and some seed pods.  How many depends on which unit you received.  I will primarily discuss the basic unit, as that is what I have started with.

  • Tending and Harvesting Guide – Tells you everything you need to know to successfully grow, answers all your questions and even includes unique recipes.
  • Nutrient Tablets – Easy-to-use time-release nutrient tablets (or liquid, depending upon your unit) contain everything your plants need to thrive.
  • “Plug ‘n Grow” Bio-Dome Seed Pod – A perfect, mini-greenhouse environment for your young seedlings. Includes dome, label, seeds, grow sponge and basket. Just plug into AeroGarden holes – no assembly required.

This unit comes with 3 seed pods that are clearly marked.  First, you must find a place to put your new Indoor Hydroponic Garden System.  I recommend that you put is in a location in which no one will be disrupted by 12 hours of bright light per day.  I have mine in my office and it works out perfectly for me.  My office is a small room that stays pretty warm and has a sturdy table.

Once you have chosen your location, fill the reservoir with water, to the “fill” line and add the capful of liquid plant food.  Place one seed pod into each opening and cover with the clear cap that is included.  You also must leave on the cardboard identifier so that you know what is what.  They also advise that this cardboard pc inhibits bacterial growth.  Plug in your new system and it is done.

What Can You Grow?

You can grow virtually anything in your Indoor Hydroponic Garden System.  I have grown Dill, Basil and Bell Peppers, so far.  I had a problem with the Dill, at first.  It just didn’t grow for me, so I called Aerogarden and they immediately shipped a new one to me.  That is because all their seed pods are guaranteed to sprout, or they will replace them for free.  Can’t get any better guarantee than that!  I had no problem with the 2nd one.  it is doing just fine, but the point is that almost anything can be grown indoors, with this system.

Examples of Herb Seed Kits                                                                                                  



Enjoy fresh lettuce at your fingertips with no pesticides or washing needed. Perfect for making salads, adding to sandwiches and garnishing your meals.

Examples of available Salad Seed Kits:

  • Salad Greens

    Salad greens
  • Romaine Mix

Examples of available Flower Seed Kits:

  • Lots of Lavender
  • Scented Blooms
  • Cascading Blooms
  • Mountain Meadow
  • English Cottage
  • Splash of Color
  • Incredible Edibles
  • Custom Flower Kit – Choose from a variety of flowers to create your own custom flower seed kit.


It is my conclusion that this is well worth the money.  I love fresh herbs and vegetables all year long and the cost is minimal for the luxury of having that.  No pesticides are needed, you can grow organically in your own home!

Go get one now by clicking here and keep the winter blues away!




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