Home Weather Stations Improve Cooking?

Did you know that using Wireless Home Weather Stations can actually improve your cooking?

Ever wonder why your bread was extra heavy, or your cookies extra thin and crispy?  Or. . .  Why did my Soufflé sink?  Sometimes it is not from anything that you have done wrong.  Often times it is due to the weather.  Primarily it is because of the humidity of the air that will cause these problems.  If you want to remove the guesswork out of when to bake your favorite bread, cookies or soufflé, then you need to invest in a nice wireless home weather station.

How Does Humidity Affect Baking?

When you have a climate with very high humidity, your ingredients will absorb some of that humidity.  This will lead to your once prized recipe being under-cooked or “soupy”.  When this is the case, you can rectify the problem by slightly decreasing your liquid ingredients by a little bit.  By a “little bit”, I mean by about 1/8.  This means that instead of a full cup of liquid, you would use 7/8 of a cup.  I find it easier to measure the cup, then using a 1/8 c measure to remove that amount from the cup you have already measured out.

If your climate is excessively dry, then your ingredients may be excessively dry, leading to dry and crumbly results.  If this is your problem, you can counteract the problem by doing the opposite of the above.  Add additional moisture to your recipe, using the same 1/8 per cup rule.

So What Humidity Level Is Ideal for Baking?

When it comes to the effects of humidity, bread and soufflés are the most sensitive.  For bread these, the ideal humidity is aboutEffects of Humidity on Dough %60.  For cakes and cookies, the range can vary a bit more and be between %45 – %60.  Candy requires a drier environment and should be %30 – %40 humidity.  This is why I recommend using a wireless home weather station.

How Will A Wireless Home Weather Station Help?

These systems are designed to give you the current conditions and future weather predictions.  When you want to bake, simply check your humidity and make the adjustments to your recipe, as necessary.  If you want, you can add humidity to your kitchen by simmering a pot of water on your stove, or use a dehumidifier if you need to remove some humidity.

Becoming a Reliable Baker Is Easy!

I have done a lot of research for you and found this one to be about the best quality for the cost.  This unit boasts WiFi capability, Alexa compatible and internet monitoring features.  Reviews for it are good.

If you want future forecast included, I think that this model may give you the best bang for your buck.

The Recap Of Our Research

If you want consistent results with your baking, you need a consistent environment or to make adjustments to your recipes.  By using the weather station, you will know what you need to do or if the following day will be a better day, weatherwise, to don your apron and bake your favorite goodies!

Here is what Farmers Almanac has to say about it, too!

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