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Chops, Stirs and Cooks All With One Kitchen Appliance!

All In One Kitchen Appliance That Chops, Stirs and Cooks!

Yes!  You read that correctly.  There is a kitchen appliance that literally does it all.  It is by far, one of the best kitchen appliances – Truly an All In One Kitchen Appliance That Chops, Stirs and Cooks!

How it Works.

The Bellini Kitchen Master by Cedarlane is your best friend in the kitchen! Imagine being able to help the kids with their  Kitchen Master Cheffhomework or simply read a magazine with a glass of wine while your Bellini delicately cooks and stirs your custard or stroganoff, requiring absolutely no supervision. This incredible sous-chef is equipped with everything you need to mix, blend, weigh, steam, stir, whip, emulsify, grind, heat, cook, chop and knead your freshest ingredients. It is powerful enough to make quick work of even the hardest root vegetables and crushes ice with ease, but simultaneously precise enough to evenly heat and stir a delicious risotto. No more need to stand over the stove for 30 minutes stirring your meal, the Bellini Kitchen Master will do it for you with guaranteed gourmet results every time.


Kitchen ChefNot only is the Bellini Kitchen Master a master in unattended cooking, but it includes a beautiful recipe booklet developed by Chef Christopher Styler which contains over 90 recipes to get you started. These recipes come with mouthwatering full-color photos ranging from simple dips and sauces to gourmet meals such as lobster bisque and everything in-between. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, the Bellini is self-cleaning as well as dishwasher safe.  This will simplify your meals like you have never thought possible!



Sous ChefThe Bellini is so versatile in its abilities that the only limit to its creations is your imagination. This enables you to pick out the most vibrant, freshest ingredients for your family and cook them endless possibilities from scratch. Now you can rest easy having knowledge of every single healthy ingredient that you are eating – every day! This allows you to keep a tight hold on any specific dietary needs and closely monitor nutritional information. Once you’ve had a chance to try out some of the amazing recipes in the booklet, you will get a handle on how the machine works and have a blast trying creating many more of your own favorite recipes.


No matter your skill in the kitchen, the Bellini brings out meal possibilities you never would have even dreamed of making yourself before. Even the most basic of home chefs are now able to create normally labor-intensive meals such as French onion soup, hollandaise sauce, zabaglione semifreddo, and crème brûlée with ease. Not only will cooking become a breeze, but you will be the new talk of the town amazing all of your friends with these scrumptious (but simple) recipes!

Every time.

The Bellini introduces a brand new category for home chefs across North America – the thermal blender. It has a built-in heating element that guarantees precision, so as long as you add the same ingredients and input the same settings the same recipe will turn out absolutely flawlessly every single time you make it. You will never have to worry about accidentally overcooking, under-cooking, or burning your food again! The Bellini Kitchen Master gives you the peace of mind you deserve even when trying out new recipes.

Master of Multi-Tasking.Food Steamer

The Bellini makes it effortless to multitask because you can steam salmon filets and asparagus while boiling your potatoes – all at the same time! The best part is cooking a healthy 3-part meal such as this and having no dishes to clean. Just before you sit down to your perfectly cooked meal, pour in some soap and water, turn it on and it will wash itself while you eat. Dinner can become stressful for any parent with a busy schedule, and when it comes to freeing up some time to relax and catch your breath, there is no better assistant to have around than the Bellini Kitchen Master.

To see just how versatile the Bellini is, check out some of our recipe videos and see how you can benefit from cooking flawless meals for your family completely hands-free.


This is some of the newest kitchen technology.  Who would have ever thought that ONE appliance could do it all?  This is the first appliance that can – from prep work to perfectly cooked with a few button pushes!  Life has never been easier!


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