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Best Power Air Fryer Reviews + FREE Recipe Book

Looking for the Best Power Air Fryer Reviews?

Air Fried Zucchini
Air Fried Zucchini

I have looked around a bit and have found MANY power air fryer reviews that I think are very helpful.  I have wondered a lot about this product and I am hoping that this will help you if you have too.  I found some of the BEST power air fryer reviews and power air fryer recipes put together for you.

Who Reviews Power Air Fryer?

I think the best and most honest that I have found it the TV broadcast from WNEP that was done LIVE.  You can check that one out Here at WNEP.  They really like it and their “Does It Really Work” segment is truly a public service.  It is in no way jaded or persuaded.  It is an honest review of power air fryers.  I really like the FrenchMay model.  It has some of the best feature and is very user-friendly.  It is also one of the best values when comparing features and pricing.

The reviews for this model also seem to be the best for customer service as well as the air fryer.  Of course, there is a negative or two, but the percentage of positive reviews greatly outweighs the negative.  This link will take you directly to the reviews page so you can have a look for yourself.

Benefits of Power Air Fryers.

To Simplify your life, click on this link and get your “chef approved” power air fryer.  It will pay for itself in a short time.  It is much more efficient than running your oven and there is no need to purchase oil by the gallon for a good meal of “fried chicken”.

It is GREAT for reheating leftover fries!  Just pop them in and cook them for a few minutes and they come right back to life!  No soggy microwave reheated fries to suffer with any longer!

Perfect for fresh or frozen foods.  If you are short on time, no worries.  The air fryer will “fry” your frozen foods perfectly!  From fries to chicken wings to mozzarella sticks, you needn’t worry about time.

Awesome for fresh food, too!  Slice up your potatoes, bread your zucchini or marinate your meat!  That’s right.  The Air Fryer is not only for breaded foods.  It works with any type of food you can cook in your conventional oven.

Power Air Fryer Recipes to Start With

Here is your FREE Recipe Book for Air Fryer Recipes to start with, but do not stop there.  Use your imagination!  If you can cook it in your oven OR your deep fryer, you can cook it in a power air fryer.  I also have a nice recipe here for “fried chicken” done in the air fryer.

I would LOVE to hear from you about your experiences. Please reach out to me through my contact page.

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12 thoughts on “Best Power Air Fryer Reviews + FREE Recipe Book”

  1. HI Kristen, thanks for this great review. I had not heard of this type of kitchen gadget before. There really is a product for everything! The benefits of the Power Air Fryer sound great. I especially like the way that is cooks like an oven, but you don’t need anywhere near as much oil. We all need to be eating healthier and this is a great way to start. It is great that it works for bread AND vegetables. I was just wondering if you had personally tried it with meat and how did it go? Also I was wondering what they were like to clean?

    1. Yes. I have tried mine with meat and it went well, however if it is not breaded or marinated it can get a little dry, in my experience. The model I have is very easy to clean, but am sure that the answer to that question will vary with the different models.

  2. i always see these on TV and wonder if they really works…i always ask myself, how can a light bulb fry chicken and french fries? but then, i see the host eating it afterwards straight from the rack. when i started believing was when my cousin from New York told me he bought one and it works amazingly. Buffalo wings, drumsticks, fish fingers all taste great just as if they were deep fried, he told me. sooner or later, i’ll eventually get myself one.

  3. Very cool fryer. Looks like a really great tool for cooking. I have not used them but will consider it now that I have read your review. This is fascinating how technology is changing many ways to cook food. I suppose there will be even more as we continue to evolve. Thank you again.

  4. Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for this informative review, I had heard of Air Fryers before, just the Ads here and there, and it is good to see actually what they are all about.
    The idea that you can fry without oil is simply fabulous. So much healthier!
    We don’t eat fried foods at home due to the health damage these do to the body (of course) …believe it or not…but now with this gadget, it looks like we will be able to have the best of both worlds!
    All the best – Orion

  5. Great review, Kristen! I’ve been looking into these air fryers for a while. My husband and I live in an RV and we’re always looking for ways to cook smarter and healthier. I like the smaller 3.4 quart version.

    All the best,

  6. Kristen,
    I have a friend that has an air fryer. They keep telling me that the food taste great and is not greasy. Any big drawbacks to this type of cooking, it does cost a bit to get one.

    1. You are correct. There is a bit of cost in the beginning, but if you figure that you will no longer need to purchase oil by the gallon to fill a traditional deep fryer, the cost is negatable. Consider that oil costs $5 per quart (on average), and the oil should be filtered after each use and changed frequently and average fryer uses about 2 quarts, in less than a year you will have saved money, not to mention the time and trouble to filter and store the oil.

      Hope this helps you make your decision to enjoy a healthier diet with less saturated fats!


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