About Me


My name is Kristen.  I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how I landed here, at Crazy Simple Kitchen.  I am not very good at writing about myself, but here goes.

I raised 3 beautiful daughters.  Our kitchen was the center of our home.  We spent more time there than any other part of the house.  We talked, cried, laughed, had food fights. . . and YES, we cooked.  We experimented with food a lot.

My first-born daughter grew up loving vegetables, salads, and fish, and the like.  My second-born has grown up loving the more comfort food type of meals, like mac n cheese, everything mashed potatoes, and everything ooey and gooey with cheese.  Now my third-born has become more the fried and fast-food type.  She goes for the chicken tenders, fried Oreos, more of the convenience types of food.

This has helped me to learn a wide variety of cooking techniques.  I love it all, so I had no problem with the variations.  In addition to that, my girls were also very active.  This is what let me to the crazy simple recipes and crazy simple kitchen tips and tricks.  We often had to have dinner right after school because of sports practices and activities.

I could do Crockpot meals, cast iron cooking, deep fry, and anything in between.  Fast, simple and with as few ingredients as possible, but not forsaking flavor.

On this website, I plan to share 20+ years of cooking experience and simple things that I have learned that may help others that are trying to raise families on a tight budget of time and money.